What is U-City?
  • What is U-City?
  • Concept of U-City Standard
  • Needs for U-City
  • Expected effects of U-City Standard
  • The Current status of U-City Standards
What is U-City?
  • The u-City is a future high-tech city where IT infrastructure, technology and service are integrated into housing, economy, traffic, and other facilities.
    • Quality of life is improved by u-Traffic, u-Home(convenient city), u-Security, u-Facility Management(safe city), u-Environment (clean city), and u-Health Care(healthy city) service.
    • The new IT market is created where hardware/middleware/platform technologies involved with sensors, tags, and terminals; and communications and applications services related to software, BcN, USN, Wibro, and HSDPA are integrated.
    • ※ Basic Plans for u-City, from the Ministry of Information & Communication, 2006.12.